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Visit and live in Yucatan will be a pleasant experience, wonderful an unforgetable for you.

The "White City" Charm

Among Merida's major attractions are: Paseo de Montejo (major avenue running north and south), a wide and elegant boulevard constructed in the early 20th century with both French and Italian influence. The metropolitan cathedral (built with stones from the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple), the government palace and the casa de Montejo (former home of Francisco de Montejo, founder of Merida). Other attractions include: the city zoo (el Centenario), as well as the following parks which form the heart of the city: San Juan, San Cristobal, Santiago, Mejorada, Americas Park, Santa Ana, and more.

Other modern attractions that Merida offers include a variety of newly constructed shopping malls including the newly constructed Galerías mall which hosts an authentic ice skating rink. Other malls include: Gran Plaza, Plaza Altabrisa, and City Center.

The city that have everything for everybody

Yucatan has always been the region's capital of culture, attracting top quality artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, internationally renowned symphonies and more. The city of Mérida also maintains a bustling theater life where perfomances are carried out in the well known Peon Contreras or Teatro Merida. Almost every week live perfomances can be attended for the Symphony of Yucatan, Classic Dance, Regional Folkloric Ballet, and more.

Live sporting events can be followed at the Kukulcan arenas, to the south of the city, which host a baseball stadium, soccer field, and indoor arena.

With the best service, at the height of a metropolis.

In Merida a lot of attention is given to health care for both nationals as well as foreigners, and the region hosts some of lowest health care costs in the hemisphere as well as the most modern hospitals in all of Mexico, such as Clinica Merida and Star Medica (designated the official presidential hospital during the visit by George Bush in 2007).

Also in Mérida name brand shopping centers are avalible such as Sam's Club and Costco as well as department stores, super markets, and convenience stores such as Seven Eleven, Oxxo and more.

Here any type of car is available for purchase and the city hosts car dealerships of all brands such as: Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, Renault, Peugeot, Saab, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi and more.

Merida is also well known for its safety, maintaining a reputation of one of the safest cities to live in, in all of Mexico. Native residents are generally very friendly and warm and ready to offer a helping hand whenever necessary, and police vigilance is high.

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