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"I write these lines as a thank you to all the support you gave us Mauricio Medina from Yucatan Premier in the process of buying our house, which came as a result of the intensive search conducted according to the needs that we told him the first time we sat down to talk. Frankly we had a vague idea of ​​what we wanted but nothing concrete, so I really appreciate your patience and dedication to guide us about the product that best suited us for the project we had in mind in addition to its involvement in negotiating with the owner and the legal side to close the sale of the property with both the notary, as with the municipio.Also, just as I want to thank you for your support for finding a property to develop a second project, which unfortunately not be realized at the moment, but his support was invaluable in making decisions. However, the most important of all is knowing I have a new friend in Merida, where I know I can trust and with whom I can count for any subject. Thank you very much and please keep up the talent and professionalism. I'm sure you get very far as a signature. For all ... Thanks."

-Arq. Roberto Molina Mijangos
México, DF.


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  • "By far, the best qualified professionals in Mérida"

    We have been living in USA for 21 years now. Since 2 years ago, my wife and I had been making plans for our upcoming retirement. My wife is from Merida, Yucatan, so that city has always been in our mind as potential place for retirement. At the beginning we were not using “Yucatan Premier real estate” for our house hunting in Merida but we were very lucky when, searching the internet, we found Mauricio Medina who, after talking to him about our needs, immediately became our realtor’s advisor.

    Mauricio is, based in our experience, by far the best qualified professional in real estate in Merida. He has a deep knowledge of the housing market in Merida, not to mention his easy going character and quite nice and friendly personality. Mauricio made us feel very comfortable and immediately we built a very high level of trust with him, which is one of the most important points when deciding where, what and how much to pay for a house or condo.

    Thanks to Mauricio, we found a nice new development (still under construction) and decided to buy a condo in Merida. The condo will be ready in 2 or 3 more months. In the meantime, Mauricio has been there, taking care of us all the time; he listen to our needs and is always helping us to deal with any issue we may have regarding the features or any other detail of our purchasing agreement.

    I am not sure if we would have decided to finally buy a property in Merida if we have not had Mauricio’s help and outstanding advice.

    -Francisco y Maria Sinta
    The Woodlands, Texas.

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"Our experience with Yucatan Premier has been very positive, as when builders we need to market the projects we are developing. After completing several projects, people r..." (cont.) -Arq. Carlos E. Quesnel Moguel
PROESUR SA DE CV Mérida, Yucatán
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